txtr e-reading solutions

txtr is a leading provider of e-reading solutions with clients in Europe, North America and South East Asia. Our products and services' range encompasses an e-book catalog of more than 1 million titles in standard EPUB and PDF formats as well as a cloud-based reading service for smartphones, tablets, e-readers and PCs. txtr also recently launched the txtr beagle a companion e-ink reader for smartphones.

We are based in at the heart of Berlin, Germany, in the midst of a vibrant start-up scene.

The company was founded in 2008 and is privately funded. 3M New Ventures has been a strategic investor in txtr since June 2011.

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Latest News

OpenSSL: we are pleased to inform our partners and customers that the txtr platform was not affected by the serious vulnerability in OpenSSL. This vulnerability enables an attacker to retrieve and decrypt data from a supposedly secure connection, including highly sensitive data such as passwords and certificates. We are happy to confirm that none of the txtr websites or partner websites powered by txtr were affected. The SSL certificates used by txtr were created using a not vulnerable version of OpenSSL.

txtr brings its companion e-reader, the txtr beagle to Hungarian customers in partnership with Magyar Telekom

txtr Skins now with responsive design

Foyles relaunch their e-book store

Management Team
  1. Thomas Leliveld
    Thomas Leliveld

    Thomas Leliveld draws on 13 years of experience in B2B sales of hardware and software products. He also spent 7 years in marketing and product management. Thomas worked at Nokia, gate5, Sendo and Philips.

  2. Wolfgang Jünger
    Wolfgang Jünger

    Wolfgang Jünger has worked 10 years as a CFO and 9 years in corporate finance at companies such as RNL, GfE and Arthur D. Little.

  3. Ulf Stahrenberg
    Ulf Stahrenberg

    Ulf Stahrenberg has worked in IT and telecoms for 18 years as product specialist and strategy consultant, for companies like gate5, Telefonica, Zeiss, Trumpf, Osram and Arthur D. Little.

  4. Anne-Sophie Lanier
    Anne-Sophie Lanier
    VP Content & Marketing

    Anne-Sophie Lanier has worked in digital content for more than 12 years for media and telecommunication companies including Bertelsmann, Sony Pictures, O2 and Deutsche Telekom.